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AR (Accelerated Reader) Quiz is Up and Running!

AR (Accelerated Reader) Quiz is Up and Running!.

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AR (Accelerated Reader) Quiz is Up and Running!

box of books

Okay Friends with Middle-Grade Readers;

The AR (Accelerated Reader) Quiz is up and running for Book Two of The Dragon Birthmark Series: Threats of Tartarus and I am happy to announce that is worth a Whopping 17 points!!!! Think of all the points you can check off your list in one Adventure!!! Happy Reading, and please let me know what you think!

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It’s Here!!!!

Some of you have inquired about my book series; it is Called The Dragon Birthmark Series. I write middle-grade fantasy fiction that has a strong family thread. Book One is called The Dragon Birthmark: World in the Shadows published in September 2012 and Book Two is called Threats of Tartarus, which is out now. They are available on you can either search Jennifer Phillips Russo or the titles themselves. I have included a link to Book One for you and thank you so much for supporting my journey. I would love to hear what you think.

About The Author

Book Two of the Dragon Birthmark Series, Threats of Tartarus, continues our journey with The Adrastai warriors. Author Jennifer Phillips Russo held a student artwork contest for her second book of “The Dragon Birthmark” series. This challenge promoted visual literacy and confidence, as well as provided student artists with the opportunity to have their personal artwork published at no cost to them, if chosen.

“Threats of Tartarus”, Book Two of “The Dragon Birthmark Series, follows the story of an 11-year-old boy’s journey to self-identity through a fantastic adventure, speckled with legend and lore, and offering a few great lessons and themes throughout the story.  “‘The Dragon Birthmark: World in the Shadows’ is an entertaining, thought-provoking book that takes the reader into the world of imagination and fantasy through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy,” said Amy Piper, Fredonia Elementary School Principal.

Russo, a local resident of Fredonia, possesses an insatiable desire to spark imagination and creativity in her readers, she created the art contest for students across the state and nation.  She believes that imagination sparks innovation, and our world could use some innovative thinkers.  This contest provided the opportunity to sketch characters or scenes from the second book, which the chosen winners are featured and published in this book. All middle and high school students were eligible to enter the contest.

Students were able to submit their artwork pieces through the novel’s website. An online gallery is also available through the website, which gave contestants the chance to see examples of artwork that other students have created and submitted. A description of the characters to be sketched was provided at, as well as detailed rules and entry guidelines for this free contest.

Book One  Cover of Book One

Book Two  book two front cover

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Dragon Eggs Found?

Dragon Eggs Found?  I knew it all along.  😉

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Thank You Dunkirk’s School #3 for inviting me to your Community Read Program today!

Thank you to Dunkirk’s School #3 for inviting me to your Community Read Program today!  I was so excited to share with your students and had a wonderful time!  What a great program that reflects the teacher’s zest for reading!  All of the students were engaging and had wonderful questions and suggestions.  I will definitely be back next year!!!

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Fairy Rings

Fairy Ring photo from

Here is a really great example of a fairy ring that I found online from It is bigger than the one I saw, but I love that I was able to experience one in person!!!

Fairy Rings, to me, are quite magical. Many ideas spring to mind when I see them; I picture an enchanted council sitting among the tops of the mushroom fruit, or an elven-magical porthole and even a fairy dance procession. There is also some really interesting science behind them. I hope you too get the chance to see one on an adventure in the forest or a grassy meadow. Enjoy your research into these whimsical rings and look for them in Book Two of The Dragon Birthmark Series!

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Happy October!

Happy October!

This morning the air is crisp and tinged with the smell of fallen leaves.  It makes me want to curl up with my laptop and write.  Book two has swirled around my brain for some time now, and it is time to pen it down.  I hope you all are as excited as I am.

I would love to hear from any readers of the first book, The Dragon Birthmark: World in the Shadows. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the second book, please post below.  Think outside of the box. What sort of magical or enchanted whimsy can you dream up?  Where should this adventure take our friends this time?  What sort of danger lurks in the shadows?

Happy Creating Everyone!

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