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AR (Accelerated Reader) Quiz is Up and Running!

AR (Accelerated Reader) Quiz is Up and Running!.

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Attention All Student Artists!!

Attention All Student Artists:


The selection process is almost complete!  I truly appreciate all of your entries for the Artwork Contest for Book 2 in “The Dragon Birthmark” Series!

Winning entrants will be notified via email and a parental consent form will be attached to the email.  If the consent form is not returned via snail mail to me by September 15, 2013, then the next runner-up will be notified and parental consent required.   We will be uploading all the artwork to the website shortly!  Thank you all for participating!

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My Happy Place :)

Amagansett MorningI can look at this all day and remember the free feeling I had.  I can smell the air and feel the salt on my skin.  I can hear the waves crash and simply breathe easier looking off into the horizon.  Anything is possible when the water speaks to me.  Enjoy your day. 🙂 Exhale.


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20 Days and Counting!

To All of My Student Artist Out There;

The Artwork Contest is winding down to a close on June 30, 2013!

Please be sure to submit your work via email at and follow the submission guidelines located in the ‘ARTWORK CONTEST‘ tab above, under the ‘How To Enter’ menu.  I will evaluate the submissions and update you all on the chapters that do not have entries yet, so check back later this week to increase your chances for becoming a Published Illustrator!  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, Happy Creating!  Remember to Always Search for the Sunshine in Life, and Enjoy the Adventure!

All My Best,

Jennifer Phillips Russo


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Never Stop Using Your Imagination

Why is it Important to Read, Play, and Create?  I would love to hear your response to this question.  To me the answer is simple, Imagination.  Imagination leads to Innovation.  We wouldn’t have any Apple products if Steve Jobs didn’t ever wonder during his calligraphy class, or what if Walter Elias Disney never experimented with combining his love for drawing and photography.  Imagine if Wilbur and Orville Wright never laid in the grass, staring at the sky and wondering if humans could ever fly like the birds.

In my opinion, our world needs innovative minds to move our cultures forward in a productive and enjoyable way.  I believe that comes from observing the world around you, experimenting different cultures and environments, meeting new people and seeing life through their eyes in an accepting, not criticizing, manner.  We need to celebrate and enjoy our differences that enrich our lives.  Innovation is a product of reading!

Different cultures, situations and experiences can all come from the pages of a book, allowing us access to information or emotions we are not exposed to in our everyday lives.  Playing and creating can all stem from reading an amazing adventure inside a book.  It is a jumping off point for the experiences you take may in your own life. Our imagination is stimulated by reading and can inspire creation!  Imagination leads to Innovation.    Turn your life upside down today, think out of the box and question everything!  What would life be like if you were only two inches tall?  Conversely, what if you were twenty-two feet tall?  What if you could only talk in gibberish, how would you communicate?  Immerse yourself in something new and different today.

Have fun imagining and enjoy the Adventure!


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Thank You Chautauqua Lake Central School!!

Thank You Chautauqua Lake Middle School Students and Teachers for such a Wonderful Experience yesterday!  I was so impressed with the quality of inquiries and level of respect and adoration I received from All of You!  What a great school Community!  I look forward to seeing entries for the Artwork Contest from some of you and truly hope you continue to Create, Innovate, and Always Enjoy the Adventure!

All My Best,

Jennifer Phillips Russo


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Attention Student Artists! The Artwork Contest for Illustration Talents is Almost Underway!

Thank you for Checking out my website!  I am very excited to announce that I am holding an art contest for Book Two of my graphic fantasy-fiction novel series, The Dragon Birthmark! It is a FREE contest!!!  There are zero entry fees!  I am very passionate about inspiring creativity in our young people during a time of budget cuts in the arts.  I believe in our future, and want student artists to increase visual literacy and confidence through a fun and engaging way.  This contest is a fascinating challenge to inspire future illustrators.  It is open to all student artists in middle and high school grades  Please check the tab entitled Artwork Contest on this website for all details.  I will publish the winning pieces for each chapter sketch with the child’s name and age, giving them illustration credit. I hope to create an online gallery of all the approved entries, after the contest is completed. Please spread the word to any artistically talented young people you may know in regards to this fascinating challenge! The start date is March 17th, 2013! Thank you in advance for helping to inspire creativity in our youth!

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