Chapter Sketch Descriptions

Chapter Sketch Descriptions for Download


Chapter 1 – Sketch a Gnome utilizing the description below:
The gnomes were small, ugly creatures exhibiting very odd, and rather gross, behavior.  They didn’t resemble the garden gnomes that covered my Grandma’s lawn at all.  They looked more like body building toads on steroids without abdominal muscles, standing ten inches high.  Picture a giant picking up a toad with extra-large muscles and pinching it, squishing it down between his fingers, creating rotund blobs with warts and muscles.

Gnomes were not whimsical and kind like fairies, but rather ornery in nature.  They were constantly casting looks of disgust towards people and muttering under their breath how foul the human race was, poisoning the land with pollution and litter.  They ate the infected dirt with large gaping mouths that they used like shovels.  With each bite they swirled their portly mid-section, as if maneuvering an invisible hula-hoop. Then the ‘cleaned’ dirt either came back up and was spat back onto the ground, or went out the other end.”


Chapter 2 – Sketch the Tent City utilizing the description below:
All types of creatures were setting up tents, starting campfires, and playing instruments preparing for this council.  It was an overwhelming sight.  A tent city grew out in every direction and as far as the eye could see.

The entire meadow was bustling with creatures setting up camp, for what seemed to be more than one day.  The magical tents were all different, reflecting the countries and communities that they represented.  Some were adorned with beautiful colors that swirled and depicted landscapes of different regions, and some were plain, but all felt warm and inviting.  There were more elaborate structures where colors swirled and popped on the outside walls, and some more humble.  Glancing at the structure next to me, I realized that the bottom edge mimicked the grass where it stood; the enchanted meadow flower mural would bend in the breeze.  The variances in tent styles enriched the experience, embracing so many differences.”


Chapter 3 – Sketch the character named Nak utilizing the description below:
Strange sounds were traveling up from the tunnel in the earth. They were sounds that made me nervous, and judging by the expressions on my friends’ faces, they were uncomfortable too.  Something was following Aunt E and we were all about to find out what it was.  Servo quickly jumped back into my hands and I shielded my Aunt with my body.  Slowly, a large, dark, hooded figure with yellow slit-eyes glided into sight, emerging from the bottom of the earth, and darkness immediately filled the cave.

The hooded figure’s entire body slithered out of the tunnel and into the room.  All of the light from the fireplace was blocked by its form.  “Everyone, this is Nak!” said Aunt Evangeline, moving her arm with a grand gesture as if presenting a game show prize.

Nak tossed his head back and the hood of his cloak flipped off, revealing yet another hood of a different kind which slowly grew before all of our eyes.  There, poised before the fire, was an oversized king cobra, whose hood was three times larger than Aunt Evangeline’s frame.”


Chapter 4 – Sketch the mug and contents utilizing the following description: (A view looking down at this scene would be ideal with tiny eleven hand pinching a twelve year-old’s nose about to pour the goo).
“Ssshhh, there, there.  Drink this, my dear.  You will feel better soon.” Elia cooed as she handed me a familiar wooden cup (made roughly from a hollowed out tree trunk) full of awful smelling liquid with grubs and worms spilling over the edge.  Before I could protest, her tiny elven hand grabbed my nose and she poured the hot, chunky goo down my throat.


Chapter 5 – Sketch a detailed drawing of a Crow (detailed feathers) looking right at the reader.

“A crow, which was black as tar, was perched in the crook of tree and appeared to be staring directly at me.  My eyes locked stares with the creature’s black eyes.  I had a creepy feeling that this crow was looking right at me, staring me down.”


Chapter 6 – Sketch a funnel cloud with the blur of a twelve-year-old boy swirled within it.
“Wait, what?” I questioned. “Meet who?” but before anyone could answer, the world around me started to become a blur of colors.  A magical tornado spiraled around me, and parts of my body began to swirl with it!  I glanced down at my hands.  The tips of each finger began to unravel like a sweater caught on a nail, and my flesh began to blend in with the blur of colors.  It was a very fast process.

Finally, my entire body was caught up in a swirling magical vortex made up of all the colors that had just soothed my soul in the evening sky.  Then the pressure became increasingly tighter, like being squeezed within a python’s grip, until all my air was pressed out of my lungs.  There was a squeaking nose, like my ear was plugged with congestion, sounding like a squeal from a pig.  Amongst the chaos, off in the distance I heard the High Mages whisper, “Be well Brother,” and then everything went black.


Chapter 7 – Two Options:  Sketch an old scroll rolled between two sticks, that is only partly opened, depicting the following:
“When opened, this scroll was a map. But not just any map; this was a three-dimensional map!  An animated diorama of the week’s events unfolded before us.  Tiny warriors, no more than an inch tall, were actually sword fighting in one area of the map with the title ‘Swordsmanship and Defensive Tactics” in the lower left-hand corner.  They were performing acrobatic feats while wielding swords in the heat of combat.  Fin’s eyes lit up with excitement as one of the teeny Adrastai rolled off the map and onto the table, acknowledged Fin with a tip of his tiny helmet, and jumped back onto the map to rejoin the action.

Elia and Brochara held each other arm in arm, as very tiny elves waved their arms over their heads, enchanting the tiny forest in the center of the map.  Trees changed into different animated shapes under their elven charms.  One tiny, giant oak tree was enchanted into doing a cart-wheel, when half of its nuts fell onto the map and rolled off the edge before disappearing into thin air.

A very curious building that reminded me of a museum  stood in the upper left-hand corner titled ‘The University’.  Aunt Evangeline leaned in very closely, closed one eye, and peered into a window of a beautiful, tiny stone structure. “The Hall of Knowledge,” She whispered.  “So much scientific information gathered in one area.”

Or, sketch the scene provided below (possibly a huge tear with a young, brown-haired boy reflected inside of it, just as it drops from a jawline, as well as an outstretched hand poised to catch it):

“A single large tear fell silently down her cheek, and I watched as it gently pooled on the edge of her jaw.  I was mesmerized by this symbol of love and felt the impact of her emotion deep inside my heart.  My reflection stared back at me from inside the droplet and I saw myself as a boy.  Too heavy with love to hang on, the tear gave way and began falling to the floor.  I felt the need to catch it; to save that little boy from crashing onto the ground.  I outstretched my hand.”


Chapter 8 – Sketch a drawing of the one-eyed Viking.
They looked war-torn and tattered.  Their clothes were made with animal pelts, which didn’t cover their entire strong bodies.  They reminded me of Vikings, wearing helmets with horns, with large straps of leather holding their armory of weapons and heavy shields at their feet.   Each one of them bore distinct scars of battle.  One of them had long slash marks on his large forearms, which appeared to be made by a blade with clean scar lines.  The man in the middle had claw marks across his chest and thigh that matched the scariest man who was furthest away.  He wore a scar that started at the top of his head, dragged down diagonally across his face, tucked under his chin, and continued onto his shoulder.

Unexpectedly, he looked straight at me!  His right eye was gone!  Not even a patch, just a red splotchy socket where his eye used to be.  He growled at me like an animal, and slammed his face onto the desk.  Startled, I jumped in my chair and knocked Servo, my sword, to the floor.  The sound of crashing steel and animalistic anger filled the Hall of Knowledge, and once again all eyes were set on me.

“Did you get a good look!” growled the one-eyed man.  “Would you like a closer one?” he belted out as he quickly stood up posturing in my direction.  The force of his large frame knocked his desk over as he lunged towards me.”


Chapter 9 – Sketch the picture described below:
A dark serpent-like creature wound its body around my small-framed acquaintance and crushed the life out of her.”
I would like to see a large cobra coiled around a victim with teeny arms reaching out (or limp) of the coils. I shouldn’t be able to tell who the victim is, just that they are mortally wounded.


Chapter 10 – Sketch the following:
I am looking for a sketch of the inside of an underwater cavern.  The walls are jagged and full of mollusks and crustaceans.  There needs to be a huge crevice, where the ground has violently split apart and molten lava shot up over twenty feet in the air!  Maybe some rocks falling from the ceiling too.


Chapter 11 – I would LOVE a sketch of the Viking dragon ship below!
A magnificent ship came into sight.  It was a huge ship in the shape of a dragon. The front of the vessel was the dragon’s head which was proudly held high. The dragon’s throat was painted gold, reflecting the sunlight off of it and illuminating the water it rested in.  The body of the ship was shaped like Khai’s body, and large leather wooden wings were tucked along the bulwark, or railing, around the ship’s deck.  The aft, or rear of the ship, was shaped like the coiled tail of a dragon with the rudder trailing off behind it.  She was beautiful, strong and majestic! Standing over seventy-feet-tall, the main sail hoisted itself up the mast as the blowing wind filled the sails.”


Chapter 12 – Please Sketch a drawing of a very masculine Viking enjoying the fun activity below:
“The drop from the deck of the ship was well over thirty feet, and I felt my stomach move into my throat on the way down.  The cool ocean water was actually a welcomed relief to the intense African sun.  When I resurfaced, I had to quickly swim out of the way of the cannon-balling Belac, who was headed right for me.  I giggled at the sight of this enormous tough Viking, tucked like a ball and plugging his nose with one hand and holding his helmet on his head with the other, like a child jumping into a pool and squealing with laughter.”


Chapter 13 – Please Sketch a detailed Sphinx from my description provided below:
“Before me stood a creature I had only seen in my Greek mythology books, a sphinx.  It stood about six feet tall on four legs and body of a lion, with two large, cream-colored, feathered wings emerging from its’ back.  The creature had a long serpent tail with the head of a snake on the end of it, but the face was that of a woman surrounded by a lion’s mane.”


Chapter 14 – Please Sketch the object below:
I am looking for a sketch of the enchanted manual that looks hundreds of years old, with a soft leather cover that has frayed edges. I would like the book open, on a flat surface, but tilted just enough to see a magical quill (feathered pen), that has almost finished writing the word ‘Prophecy’.


Chapter 15 – Please sketch the scene below based on the description:
“A serpent-like dragon appeared out of thin air! Its body was wrapped around the trunk of the tree, guarding it with his life. His scales were the color of the bark, allowing him to blend in perfectly without detection. His eyes glowed orange, camouflaging with the fruit.”


Chapter 16 – Please sketch the following description:
Sketch a drawing of a wooden crow’s nest, the lookout station atop of the mast on a sailing vessel, with a pair of feet, crossed at the ankles sticking out of the top, depicting a sleeping traveler.  A bright sun with cumulus clouds surrounding it should be in the background.


Chapter 17 – Please sketch the scene described below:

Sketch the drawing of a double-edge sword slicing and orange in half, OR sketch a cross-section of a citrus orange with sparkling juice dripping down the peel.


Chapter 18 – Please sketch a Harpy from the description below:

There in the doorway, stood a sight I will never forget.  An over-sized scroll was used as a crutch for a creature that didn’t look like it should be standing at all.  An old decrepit woman peered over the top of the scroll.  Only one of her eyes opened wide, the other looked as if the eyelid was too heavy with warts to open.

I glanced down, wondering how she was standing. She didn’t have complete legs!  Her entire lower half from under two wrinkly knees belonged to a bird!  Over-sized bird feet, complete with a couple broken talons supported her worn out frame.  She was a hideous sight.

With the same slow pace, the creature maneuvered through the doorway, like death walking.  Once through the door, two leathery brown wings unfurled from her back!  There were hooked talons on top of the flesh in between the vein-riddled webbing.  The crowd cringed.  Then, in a bat-like fashion, Ekadenc slammed the hooks into the wood, creating the peg-leg sound.  Balancing on her clawed wings, she swung her legs forward, dragging her talons across the floor, like a creepy walker.


Chapter 19 – Sketch a drawing of a Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.  The description is below, feel free to Google it 😉 :

The lion’s mane jellyfish is the largest known species of jellyfish.  It has a bell (body) with a diameter of 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 m) and tentacles 120 feet (37 m) long.


Chapter 20 – Sketch the creature described below:

She pointed behind us to the water’s edge.  An army of those mutated crab-like creatures were emerging from the water.  They were all black, and resembled enormous spiders with armor.  The bodies spanned over three feet wide, with enormous claws, and they moved really fast.  The grotesque creatures stopped by the carcass and fought over it; ripping and tearing it to pieces and shoving it in their mouths.


Chapter 21 – Sketch the scene described below:

The small girl clutched in the hand of the sleeping giant.  Her body slumped over the giant’s pointer finger, faced down, and her arms outstretched.  Her long brown hair lay across the back of its hand, only reaching the middle finger.  She looked like marionette puppet, whose strings had been cut.


Chapter 22 – Sketch the description below:

A corner of the volcano was pried up with a giant trident.  A serpent arm, with a handful of vipers as fingers, was gripping the based and lifting the mountain off of his terrifying frame.  Lava spewed out of the volcano in every direction!


4 thoughts on “Chapter Sketch Descriptions

  1. Makayla

    OMG, Jennifer thank you so much for coming to our school to talk about the book. I am the one who asked if there was gonna be a movie!I write books myself and you inspired me even more….
    Thank you,
    Makayla A.

    • Makayla! I enjoyed every minute of my time spent with you and your classmates. I am so impressed that you are writing books, Great Job! I hope you continue to write and reach for stars! All My Best, Jennifer Phillips Russo

  2. Lynn

    i am from chataqua lake central school and I will try to draw all of the chapters. some of them sould a little challenging though.i am in 5th grade and my name is Lynn. I was honored to meet you when you came to my school. it was very interesting to hear about your life. Thank you for coming. I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to read your other books

    • Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for your kind words. I cannot wait to see your creations! Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Have fun with the project!
      All My Best,
      Jennifer Phillips Russo

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