Jennifer Phillips Russo lives in a quaint village in upstate New York with her four beautiful children, amazing husband and two dogs.  She has always possessed the ‘gift to gab’, which eventually evolved into the ability to ‘spin a web’.  Jennifer graduated, Cum Laude, with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and is ‘this close’ to finishing her Masters of Arts and Teaching degree.  Her love for her children and storytelling, wrapped up in her fondness for nature and learning, prompted this fantastical tale, The Dragon Birthmark.

The Dragon Birthmark, a fantasy fiction novel for middle grade aged children, incorporates many science concepts with hopes of inspiring life-long learners to grow in their understanding of the world through a fun engaging way, with a few great themes/ lessons for kids inside.  It is Jennifer’s goal to encourage scientific imagination and enhance interdisciplinary studies (Science, English Language Arts, Technology, Math, Social Studies, and Communications), with emphasis on the sciences, making critical connections to higher level thinking.

This book is speckled with bits of science, social studies and fantasy, to spark curiosity in young readers to research and learn more.  There is an underlying theme that “Nature” needs to be cared for and respected as well.  Jennifer hopes that this series will trigger imagination and innovation among young readers, and that it will initiate inquiry in young minds as well as promote scientific discovery and the importance of caring for our planet.

Jennifer hopes to inspire young readers to become compassionate human beings, able to think for themselves, and participate thoughtfully and respectfully with others in building and protecting a society that is hopeful and decent.

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