Sketches Needed for the Following Chapters!!!

Okay Student Artist Friends;

I am still looking for a few chapter sketches that have not been attempted yet (at least to my knowledge).  I have pasted them in the body of this post for easy access 🙂  I hope you decide to try your hand at one or more of them, and please feel free to email me with any questions at

Chapter 8 – Sketch a drawing of the One-Eyed Viking.

They looked war-torn and tattered.  Their clothes were made with animal pelts, which didn’t cover their entire strong bodies.  They reminded me of Vikings, wearing helmets with horns, large straps of leather holding their armory of weapons and heavy shields at their feet.   Each one of them bore distinct scares of battle.  One of them had long slash marks on his large forearms, which appeared to be made by a blade with clean scar lines.  The man in the middle had claw marks across his chest and thigh, that matched the scariest man furthest away.  He wore a scar that started at the top of his head, dragged down diagonally across his face, tucked under his chin, and continued onto his shoulder.

Unexpectedly, he looked straight at me!  His right eye was gone!  Not even a patch, just a red splotchy socket, where his eye used to be.  He growled at me, like an animal, and slammed his face onto the desk.  Startled, I jumped in my chair and knocked Servo, my sword, to the floor.  The sound of crashing steel and animalistic anger filled the Hall of Knowledge, and once again all eyes were set on me.

“Did you get good look!” growled the one-eyed man.  “Would you like a closer one?” he belted out as he quickly stood up posturing in my direction.  The force of his large frame knocked his desk over, as he lunged towards me.

Chapter 11 – I would LOVE a sketch of the Viking dragon ship below!

A magnificent ship came into sight.  It was a huge ship in the shape of a dragon. The front of the vessel was the dragon’s head, which was proudly held high, and the throat was painted gold reflecting the sunlight off of it illuminating the water is rested in.  The body of the ship was shaped like Khai’s body, and large leather and wooden wings were tucked along the bulwark, or railing around the ship’s deck.  The aft, or rear of the ship, was shaped like a coiled tail of a dragon with the rudder trailing off behind it.  She was beautiful, strong and majestic! The main sail hoisted itself up the mast, which was over seventy feet tall, and as the wind filled the sails

Chapter 12 – Please Sketch a drawing of a very masculine Viking enjoying the fun activity below:

The drop from the deck of the ship was well over thirty feet, and I felt my stomach move into my throat on the way down.  The cool ocean water was actually a welcomed relief to the intense African sun.  When I resurfaced, I had to quickly swim out of the way of the cannon-balling Belac, who was headed right for me.  I giggled at the sight of this enormous tough Viking, tucked like a ball and plugging his nose with one hand and holding his helmet on his head with the other, like a child jumping into a pool and squealing with laughter.

Chapter 13 – Please Sketch a detailed Sphinx from my description provided below:

Before me stood a creature I had only seen in my Greek mythology books, a sphinx.  It stood about six feet tall on four legs and body of a lion, with two large, cream-colored, feathered wings grew from its’ back.  The creature had a long serpent tail with the head of a snake on the end of it, but the face was that of a woman surrounded by a lion’s mane.

Chapter 16 – Please sketch the following description:

Sketch a drawing of a wooden crow’s nest, the lookout station atop of the mast on a sailing vessel, with a pair of feet, crossed at the ankles sticking out of the top, depicting a sleeping traveler.  A bright sun with cumulus clouds surrounding it should be in the background.

Chapter 18 – Please sketch a Harpy from the description below:

There in the doorway, stood a sight I will never forget.  An over-sized scroll was being used as a crutch for a creature that didn’t look like it should be standing at all.  An old decrepit woman peered over the top of the scroll.  Only one of her eyes opened wide, the other looked as if the eyelid was too heavy with warts to open.

I glanced down, wondering how she was standing. She didn’t have complete legs!  Her entire lower half from under two wrinkly knees belonged to a bird!  Over-sized bird feet, complete with a couple broken talons supported her worn out frame.  She was a hideous sight.

With the same slow pace, the creature maneuvered through the doorway, like death walking.  Once through the door, two leathery brown wings unfurled from her back!  There were hooked talons on top of the flesh in between the vein-riddled webbing.  The crowd cringed.  Then, in a bat-like fashion, Ekadenc slammed the hooks into the wood, creating the peg-leg sound.  Balancing on her clawed wings, she swung her legs forward, dragging her talons across the floor, like a creepy walker.

Chapter 20 – Sketch the creature described below:

She pointed behind us to the water’s edge.  An army of those mutated crab-like creatures were emerging from the water.  They were all black, and resembled enormous spiders with armor.  The bodies spanned over three feet wide, with enormous claws, and they moved really fast.  The grotesque creatures stopped by the carcass and fought over it; ripping and tearing it to pieces and shoving it in their mouths.

Chapter 22 – Sketch the description below:

A corner of the volcano was pried up with a giant trident.  A serpent arm, with a handful of vipers as fingers, was gripping the based and lifting the mountain off of his terrifying frame.  Lava spewed out of the volcano in every direction!

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